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Meet Katie


I am a gardener, a wife, a mom of two strong and independent daughters, and a pediatric occupational therapist by trade. My family and friends are very dear to me. I love nature: moons, trees, herbs, bees, owls, our sweet golden doodle, and gardens... I like to say that sap runs through my veins. I try to keep my life uncomplicated and enjoy paying attention to the beauty within the mundane and ordinary. I believe there is always magic and meaning to be found. 

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Meet Manda 

I am an artist, musician, and educator living in the the woods of Southern Oregon. I am a devoted wife and mother of wiener dogs. I love singing around campfires, telling stories, cooking delicious soups, late-night crafting, and exploring the infinite pathways to creating beautiful experiences to share with my fellow humans. My artwork is deeply rooted in my love for nature and my spirit for adventure.  

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